Leadership Program  July 2 - 13, 2017

JULY 2 - 13   Cost: $125



A leader in training program (HIT Team) is offered at camp for you.  It is a 2-week program designed to challenge and facilitate the personal development of young people who want to learn about Christ-like leadership, and to train them to serve as leaders at camp, in their homes, schools, churches and community.


We strongly encourage you to participate in and complete our LIT program prior to volunteering. 


The first week of the program is an intensive time of learning and development.  HITs will focus on knowing themselves, knowing others, and knowing God.  You will spend a minimum of 3 hours each day in training and will also gain practical experience.  


OVERNIGHT TRIP:  Mid-week there is a team-building overnight trip.  In the past we have paddled the Saugeen and camped at the Saugeen Bluffs, we have gone spelunking, and have done a high ropes program in Tobermory.  Plans for this year's trip have not been decided - keep checking back!


The second week* of the program you will be placed in a specific area of ministry to serve in at camp. 


At the end of the program you will be given an evaluation with feedback from their leaders to help you identify your strengths and areas for growth.


Space is limited to 15. Cost is $125 (which covers the t-shirt, training materials, lunches, overnight trip, etc.)


To apply for the program, the HIT application is now online, click the link... 



Self Discovery:  We will spend some time helping you explore and reach the potential of who you were created to be.


Team Building Activities:  You will develop your skills as you learn about communication, planning, problem solving and teamwork.


Bible Study:  Each day we will explore christ’s example of leadership in the bible and what he says about knowing yourself, knowing others, and knowing him.


Lessons in Leadership:  Learn what you need to know about being an effective leader in any setting.


Personal & Group Challenges:  Challenges will push you to face your fears and insecurities, helping you gain the confidence to become the best you.


Overnight Trip:  You will try out your leadership skills as you take turns leading aspects of the trip.  it is also a great time to enjoy creation and have fun getting to know each other.


Practical Experience: you will be exposed to different areas of camp during week which will help you decide where you would like to serve at camp.  


Volunteer Experience*: in the second half of LIT you will put your learning and skills to the test as you join one of our staff teams in serving and leading at our track & field camp!


"IS IT FOR ME?"    

Ask yourself these questions.... Will i be 13 or 14 years old by the end of the current year? Am I available for the duration* of the program?  Do I:

  • Strive to live a christ-like lifestyle?

  • Have a positive, teachable attitude and am i open to new things and new challenges?

  • Want to grow in my understanding of who i am and who i was created to be?

  • Want to build my self-confidence?

  • Take initiative and strive to be a servant leader?

  • Have a team mentality and desire to be encouraging and respectful towards others?

  • Have a love of camp and of people?

  • Have an ability to respect and uphold the rules of camp and it’s leadership?


If you do, or want to... you’ll be a great fit!  as a HIT Team member you will be given the opportunity to develop your skills and leadership abilities, grow in your faith, learn about yourself, and learn to work as part of a team.  don’t miss out on a great opportunity!

*we do understand that not everyone will be able to commit to the full 2-week program.  applications will still be considered for those who are only available for week one.  however, space is limited and priority will be given to suitable candidates who are able to complete the full 2-week program.